Gold Light Ohm Necklace cng-14-52-l16


A very beautiful 18ct Gold Plated necklace from Satya Jewellery in New York City. We adore the Ohm Symbol and know that this represents the ultimate sound of the universe. Sitting with the beauty of White Topaz this is a stunning piece of Sacred Jewellery.

The ladies at Satya Jewellery of New York City certainly know how to make beautiful jewellery and this necklace is no exception!

18ct Gold sits on top of Sterling Silver and brass to create a lustre that is rich but makes this piece affordable for all of us! We love the chain and that we offer you a clasp that has 3 different length closings. Every day is different for us at Divine Goddess so this necklace suits this style of living very well.

The Ohm symbol depicted here represents the Ultimate Sound of the Universe! When we create the sound of Ohm we make a vibration within ourselves that heals from the inside out. This means that nearly everyone can make this sound and help themselves. You just need to, that is all. Join us in the call of Ohm and feel the difference. Just a few days of repeating this mantra will change your feeling, we love it!

White Topaz is a brilliant and lesser known stone and we adore it! There are 2 stones that have been hand cut sitting with the Ohm Pendant. White Topaz is the stone of creativity. Allow this divine semi precious gemstone to help you access your creative nature. Originality has also been associated with White Topaz. This is the perfect combination.

Satya Jewellery work by hand on all of their gemstones and pieces of jewellery. This gives it a lustre that we adore. Taking time and patience to create just the right mix for all of us.

Today is the lucky day, send one home now!


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