Gold Tear Shape Lotus Earrings ceg0715


The Lotus Flower rises towards the light.  Working its way from the murky depths of the pond, towards the light of truth and clear existence.  We are very similar to the Lotus Flower in that we use our yoga practice as a tool to make our way towards the light.  We work on the mat and create space, illumination and compassion.  We are so very close to the understanding of the Lotus Flower that we enjoy very much to be reminded of this by these sweet earrings.

Satya Jewellery have chosen to manufacture these earrings from Gold plating using 24 ct Gold.  If you care for these well and dont swim or shower in them they will keep their golden lustre very well.  We dont shower in our jewellery anyways!

Satya Jewellery have been based in New York City for many years now.  We love to be connected to other like minded business people all around the world.  We recognise that the world is shrinking and there are many lovely and considerate business people working hard that we would like to share our blessings with.  We give thanks for the beauty that is Satya Jewelllery.


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