Green Jade Blessing CBGB-22-Z6


We love the Stretch Bracelets from Satya Jewellery in New York City. These are a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. We think this shade of Green Jade is beautiful and full of protection. These Green Jade stones have been hand cut and worked on tirelessly to produce just the right lustre for you!

Satya Jewellery takes the time and patience to create wondrous pieces of Sacred Jewellery for us all.

We think the Stretch Bracelet Collection is fantastic. You can have as many or as little as you like. Actually, we love to wear 2-3 at one time.

This bracelet is made from Green Jade which highlights our intuitive nature. We also use Green Jade for protection and security. We love the hand faceted nature of this bracelet, you will too.

The Ohm Bead represents the sacred sound of Ohm. This symbol was created to depict the vibration we make when we make this sound. The sound of Ohm was the beginning of the universe. Making this sound heals you from the inside out. Everyone can make this sound so everyone can heal themselves.

The Lotus Flower pendant is another reminder of New Beginnings being just around the corner.

We cannot imagine a more beautiful bracelet to take home with you today. This is a Limited Edition Collection so please choose now before we are out!


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