Carry Strap Cotton Lotus

Colour: Deep Blue

This is the perfect Yoga Mat Carry Strap for nearly every size and shape of Yoga Mat!

We crafted this one from 100% Cotton and adorned it in gold and silver foil with our beloved Lotus Flower.

The Lotus Flower reminds us that new beginnings are just around the corner and all of us love that!  Rise like the Lotus Flower towards the light of truth and love!

We close this Yoga Mat Carry Strap with sturdy velcro to provide strength and durability so that your Yoga Mat stays safe and secure on your way to and from class. 

This is also the perfect Yoga Mat Carry Strap to take travelling, its light and beautiful.

We offer this in a myriad of colours because we know that not everyone is the same and colours make the world a beautiful place



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