Buddha Duduk Silver

SKU: 10492


We are thrilled to present to your our newest collection of hand created Statues in Silver Plating.  You are able to shine and polish this Buddha to bring the sweetest light into your life.

Height is 11cm

This Buddha has been made by hand by the sweetest pair of older Balinese brothers.  They make these by hand and each and every one is a little different.

The Buddha reminds us that feelings of peace and calmness are always within us.  It is up to us to access these feelings and all of us can do it!

Use this Buddha when creating your own Sacred Space and watch the magic alight and awaken.

We also like to take this Buddha travelling with us or in our car to help us stay calm when the joys of driving distract us from our pathway to serenity.

Love and light awaits x


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