Violet Love BTM-55


Another beautiful Rudraksha Bracelet from our beloveds in Bali, Aum Rudraksha.  This gorgeous company makes these bracelets and malas completely by hand.  Shaping each and every Semi Precious Gemstone and creating works of art in the form of Rudraksha Jewellery.

This bracelet combines the healing properties of the sacred Rudraksha Seed with the magic of Amythyst and Clear Quartz Crystal.

Amythyst is a healing stone and the stone of people born in February.  This is a stone that assists during periods of transformation and also bestows wisdom on the wearer.  Amythyst helps to create stability and inspiration.

Clear Quartz Crystal is the stone that assists us in accessing feelings which lie just below the surface.  Perfect for all modern day yogis and yoginis.

We have made the 24ct Gold Beads by hand and plated them over high quality Sterling Silver.

Strung on a good quality stretch material, this is a beloved and divine bracelet just for you


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