Chakra Stones BTM-46


Rudraksha seeds have been used through the ages to count the mantra and the cool and calm the body and soul.  They are grown on the sacred Rusraksha tree found in India and many parts of Asia. 

These seeds are known to promote compassion and understanding betwen all beings.  They may grow slightly darker over time as they mix with the oils on your body.  This is a very sweet and beautiful bracelet to wear and shine in.  These seeds are natural and they grow inside a blue fruit found on the sacred Rudraksha tree.  They form the hole in the centre that we thread them on these bracelets with naturally, we dont need to do anything to them.

The Chakra points of the body are high energy points.  Wearing this bracelet will open your chakras and assist with living in the light.   The stones used in this bracelet are

Amythyst, Clear Quartz, Aqua Marine, Green Agate, Yellow Agate, Carnelian and Garnet.  All of these stones worn together will combine to open your chakras and bring light and love to your everyday existence.

Love this bracelet half as much as we do and you will be happy.


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