Gr Aventurine

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Aventurine is a beautiful green stone we enjoy so much to work with.  It is an excellent stone for the heart chakra and the helping in the treatment of heart problems.  It is a very good regenerative stone and can also assist in stabilizing the heart and also strengthening it.  This is a stone that brings comfort and can also help us to create balance in our lives.

The Rudraksha Seeds are grown on a sacred tree in most parts of South East Asia.  They are thought to help us to create and then maintain larger amount of compassion, understanding and patience than we would normally maintain in every day life.  They are associated with Shiva, the God who danced and created the universe.  He was so overcome with compassion for mankind that when he cried, his tears formed the trees of the Rudraksha when they hit the ground.  Making these sacred and beloved seeds the whole world over.

We have used a high quality stretch that allows this bracelet to fit most shapes and sizes of yogis.

The gold plating we use on the beads is 24 ct Gold with a thick coating.  Please dont wear your bracelet in the shower or whilst swimming and the gold will remain in place very well.

Wear your beautiful new Rudraksha bracelet to remind yourself that compassion begins from within and we are all capable of such greatness.  It begins one breath at a time and we KNOW you will agree there is not a sweeter way to remind yourself of your very own goodness.

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