Rudraksha are a precious bead that has been used by many religions for many centuries. These grow on the sacred Rudraksha tree which is gound in India, Nepal, Malaysia and South-East Asia.

It is thought by Hindu mythology that these beads are known as "the eyes of Shiva". It is believed that the god meditated on the welfare of mankind. He cried tears of compassion, peace and bliss. When these tears landed on the earth they formed the trees known as the Rudraksha.

The Rudraksha bead cools the body. Strengthens the heart. Increases mind clarity, memory and general awareness. They are thought to calm the nervous system and to aid in the process of quieting the mind.

Carnelian is the stone of happiness and love. It creates emotional balance and helps to focus the mind. This stone aids in decision making. Reducing depression and loneliness. It is good for the spleen, pancreas, kidneys and gall bladders. Carnelian increases stamina and self confidence.

The gold in the bracelet is 22carat dipped over sterling silver. This bracelet is strung on a very strong stretch and will stand the test of time.

Hand crafted, by sweet artisans, this bracelet is full of the goodness of life. Wear it well and feel the difference. A beloved piece.


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