Ocean Magic BTM-38


Rudraksha Seeds combine with the integrity and the utter beauty of the Semi Precious Gemstones that are Turquoise, Green Agate and Carnelian.  Sharing the light with Sterling Silver, handmade beads, this is a powerful and elegant bracelet.

 The Gemstone Turquoise is a powerful healing stone.  One that protects the yogi on an adventure and is recommended to be worn as the journey begins.  This is the stone that increases ones capacity for love and destroys the anger of hatred.

Carnelian is the orange stone that we have hand faceted to create a shimmering and light catching stone.  This is the stone that increases our capacity for happiness and when combined with the Turquoise brings joy, happiness and exuberance.

The Green Agate helps us to cleanse our aura and to maintain clear thinking in times of confusion.

Worn with the Rudraksha Seed, this bracelet will bring peace and good feeling to all who wear it.


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