Pearl Cluster BTM-33 Pearl


We have brought together a collection of beautiful pearls that combine to bring an authenticity and sweetness to this bracelet that we really love to wear.   Pearls symbolise purity and sincerity.  If you are struggling with the truth then wear pearls.  They will help you connect with that truth and be brave and act with it.  They can also help us to grow and increase personal integrity.  They can also assist us with focusing on attention at hand and matters that we may rather not connect with.  They have been known to help with fertility and ease the pain of natural childbirth.  

When Pearls are combined with the healing powers of the Rudraksha Seed all is well in the world.  The Rudraksha Seeds awaken the light within and combine with the Pearls to bring that light to life.

We love to wear the Rudraksha Seeds and know that their healing powers are abundant.  We wear many of these bracelets every day and we love the fact that they become slightly darker over time.  When they mix with the oils of the body they will slowly become more dark.  This is lovely and we feel it is an opportunity to own the bracelet and become as one with your own piece of Spiritual Jewellery.

Love this bracelet and it will love you right back


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