Onyx Cluster BTM-33


Onyx is a beautiful stone and we just love to wear it.  The deep and dark feeling of this stone does not due it justice.  It is this stone that you need to wear when you are feeling sad as it can draw out the sadness and dispell it without you needing to.  Wonderful magic at work.    Onyx also balances hormones and with us to become objective when we are not sure.  Onyx can also help us to make intelligent decisions when we are faltering.  This is a stone that also strengthens bones.  Dark in nature but full of light and love.

When worn combined with the beloved Rudraksha Stone all is light and love.  The Rudraksha Seeds are known for inspiring compassion and kindness.  There is the greater possibility of producing patience and perserverance when wearing these wonderful seeds.  They are grown in many countries in South East Asia on sacred trees called the Rudraksha Tree.  They are grown inside a blue fruit and when they are completely dried they form the hole in the centre all by themselves.  Beloved, magical and abundant.  These seeds are closely linked with Shiva, the God of destruction and completion.  Providing a safe place to generate compassion and kindness.

Wear this bracelet well and all those around you will benefit.



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