Amythyst Magic BTM-33 Amythyst


The cluster of Amythyst stones are beautiful to the eye.  The darker shades of purple are lovely and we know they are more rare and difficult to obtain.  It is because of this rareity that we love to use the darker Amythyst stones when we can find them.  The hand worked nature of the stones gives a greater shine and a deeper connection to the heart after all the effort needed to obtain this faceted stone.

Amythyst helps us to create stability within.  If you are feeling unsure, wobbly or without foundation, take the time to find some Amythyst and wear it close to your heart.  You will feel the difference immediately.  The Amythyst stone is a wonderful blood purifier and helps with detoxing when you are doing so.  We know that it is also a very good stone for the stomach and liver.  When you wear Amythyst you can also boost your possibilities of increasing your spiritual awareness.

The Rudraksha Seeds we use for this bracelet are grown over many parts of South East Asia.  They are formed within a blue fruit and when dried, over time they form the hole in the centre without us doing so.  These seeds will slowly grow more dark in colour over time as they mix with the natural oils of your skin.  This is lovely and we always feel it helps us to find a connection with our bracelet.  Such divine work.

This bracelet is strung on high quality stretch fabric so you can wear it in the shower if you really feel you cannot take it off.  This is not what we do and not what we recommend but you can if you really want to.

Love this bracelet and it will love you back



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