Rudraksha seeds are known as the "tears of Shiva".  In Hindu mythology it is thought that when Shiva danced and created the universe he cried tears of compassion for the welfare of mankind.  When these tears hit the earth they crystallised and formed the Rusraksha tree.

These seeds when worn increases our capacity for compassion and understanding.  They contain carbon, hydrogren, nitrogen and oxygen.

This is a very beautiful bracelet made from the sacred Rudraksha seeds and Pearls with gold beads.   Divine to wear and divine to look at.

Pearls sumbolise purity.  They stimulate the mind with clarity and wisdom.  They enhance personal integrity and help to focus our attention.  It has been said that pearls increase fertility and help to ease childbirth.  They are thought to increase physical vitality.

This bracelet we proudly bring to you.  Wear it with love in your heart and feel the light begin to descend and enter your everyday life.



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