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Rudraksha seeds are grown on the sacred Rudraksha Tree.  This tree is found in India and many parts of Asia.  The seeds are grown inside a blue fruit and naturally form the hole through which we thread them.

The Rudraksha seeds are known as the "tears of Shiva".  Hindu mythology says that when Shiva danced and created the world he cried tears of compassion for the welfare of mankind.  When these tears hit the earth they crystallized and formed the Rudraksha trees.

The Rudraksha seeds bless us with peace of mind and prosperity.  They protect against negative forces and promote goodwill and compassion.

Clear Quartz Crystal increases spiritual wisdom.  This stone is very useful to heal emotional wounds and is thought to increase intuition and amplify prayers.  This is a good stone for treating headaches and dizziness.  General pain relief arrives when you wear clear quartz crystal.

Love this bracelet, it is divine and nourishing.


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