Turquoise Peaceful Bracelet bs87


We are loving the energy that Turquoise brings us! This stone protects the wearer on an adventure or journey. It is know to destroy hatred and help us to find the possibility of compassionate love. Working together with the magic of Satya Jewellery we feel sure you will love this piece as much as we do!

We are very proud to share the delights of Satya Jewellery with you beloved yogis! We have been retailing this sacred collection of spiritual jewellery for over 5 years now. Arriving to us from New York City we delight in the limited edition nature of this product!

Spiritual Jewellery that shines from within and can help you to do the same!

We adore this bracelet. Held on a high quality stretch this allows the bracelet to slide effortlessly over the wrist and to sit sweetly. Turquoise is a stone that is loved by many! The American Indians first discovered this ancient protective stone and we cannot wear enough of it. Protecting, uplifting and helping us to remember that love is real.

The Ohm Symbol depicted on the pendant is a symbol that represents the vibration created when we make the sound of Ohm. Healing from the inside out! This is the perfect combination to be worn with Turquoise and we love that Satya Jewellery brought them together.

A percentage of profits from every sale goes towards various children's charities around the world, beautiful inside and out!


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