Gold Rudrani BRG


The hand made beads here are coated in a thick coating of 24 ct Gold.  These are worked on by hand to make the sweet shapes and again dipped by hand to cover each and every one of them with 25ct Gold.  This Gold wears very well if you do not swim in this bracelet nor do you takes showers.  It is no hardship to slip this stunning piece of Spiritual Jewellery off and on when you cleanse your body and soul.

We love the Rudrani Seed.  It is the little cousin of the larger Rudraksha Seed and we love its ability to morph and shine within the being of the wearer.  These seeds are more rare and slightly harder to aquire than the Rudraksha Seed.  Due to their size and rarity we find them wonderful to work with.

This bracelet combines the qualities of Gold which are abundant with the sweetness and the gentle healing possibilities offered by the Rudrani Seed.

Gold is very good for the nervous system and can help us to balance our Heart Chakra.  We love that.

Compassion can be cultivated when you wear the Rudrani Seed and that is something we work towards every day.

This bracelet is strung on high quality stretch material so it is very possible to slip it on and off as often as you feel to and need to.

Delightful, delicious and soon to be yours!!!


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