Block - Purple Yantra

Colour: Purple Yantra

Yantras are created from the magic of sacred geometry.  We adore this age old tradition and source of energy and magic.  Magic is real when you practice yoga and we love and enjoy the beauty created from this wonderful pursuit.

We created this collection of Divine Goddess Yoga Blocks with beauty and a strong and divine yoga practice in mind.  We know that sometimes the body is just not ready for the correct alignment or the perfect posture.  We enjoy working with blocks to give us a helping hand when we need it. 

We also adore the Divine symbols and reminders that we fill our beautiful yoga products collection with.

The Divine Goddess Yoga Blocks collection is no different.  Beautiful colours of blocks sit together with gentle reminders that we can make anything happen.

This yantra is the Yantra of Compassion.  Awakening different parts of our compassionate nature.  Where do you need help with compassion.  In the yoga room is one of the best places to start as it is real and with integrity.

This purple block awakens the compassion within and often this compassion begins with ourselves.  Be kind to yourself when you use this yoga block and watch how it affects the rest of the world and the people around you.

Divine work in action!!  Join us

22.5cm x 15cm x 7cm

Created from recycled materials

Embossed with our Divine Goddess Lotus Flower

Bevilled edges that are gentle on your body

our Blocks have an excellent density and retail their shape

Eco friendly

Yantra of compassion to awaken kindess within


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