Block - Purple Lotus

Colour: Purple Lotus

We like our yoga products to be delicious and delightful.  What better way to reach your point of alignment than with a stunningly beautiful block. Created from recycled materials it is divine!

Yoga blocks helps us to attain the correct alignment even when we cant quite get there.  The perfect little friend when your body is not quite ready.  When we begin yoga or even when we may have an injury that is preventing us from reaching the correct position a yoga block can be very helpful.  We feel they are an excellent addition to any yogis collection.

The lotus flower symbolises new beginnings.  The flowering of the heart and soul.  We rise to the light, as the lotus flower emerges from the murky depths of the pond.  Sweetly and simply rising towards the light.  Love it

The bevilled edges are soft on the body.  These blocks are not heavy and easy to carry around.  This is a very beautiful yoga block to have in your home or studio.  Students will be positive when practicing with this block.  The Lotus Flower welcomes them to the posture and helps them to attain the position.

Sometimes a little helping hand is all we really need.  Why not allow it to be so beautiful.

Love them, we love you!!

22.5cm x 15cm x 7cm

Created from recycled materials

Embossed with our Divine Goddess Lotus Flower

Bevilled edges that are gentle on your body

our Blocks have an excellent density and retail their shape

Eco friendly

Our Lotus Flower design welcomes in the magic of new beginnings


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