Block - Blue Ohm Lotus

Colour: Blue Ohm Lotus

We love to bring products into the yoga room that reflect the beauty we feel our yoga practice creates.  This wonderful Yoga Block is created from recycled materials.

One of the kindest things we know to use is a Yoga Block.  These Yoga Blocks help us to find the postures that may seem unattainable and breathe with alignment and love.  Sometimes the body is just not quite there but with the use of a Yoga Block it can open and heal whilst you complete your practice.

We have designed this divine Lotus Flower as a reminder that new beginnings are just around the corner.  We love the way that the Lotus Flower rises towards the light, seeking the clarity of truth and moving away from the muddy pond.  We are just the same as the Lotus Flower.  The yoga awakens the light within and with each breath that we take we are subconsciously or consciously moving towards truth and love.

What a blessing union.  Yoga Blocks and the symbol Ohm and the Lotus Flower.

The Ohm symbol is the oldest symbol of all time.  The sound of the universe.  We create a vibration that builds from within when we chant ohm.  Healing from the inside out and embracing the softness that is real.

These yoga blocks are as light as air so easy to take back and forth to class.  We have rounded the edges so no harsh pointing parts into the body and allowed a deep sense of beauty to join us in the magic we call our yoga practice.

All this for $25, seems magical and it is!


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