Block - Blue Lotus

Colour: Blue

Yoga Blocks are good to us, inside and out.  These blessed blocks are recycled and ready to serve!  They help us to achieve postures that may not be possible without a little assistance.

Touching the toes or bending forward can be a task when the posture is new or even when there is a stiffness within that doesnt allow this to happen easily.

We like to use Yoga Blocks at this time and slowly watch the progression of flexibility and strength grow.

We have created a collection of Yoga Blocks that have designs that welcome in the light and serve as a gentle reminder that all is good in the world and that magic is real.

This beautiful blue Yoga Block is adorned with the Lotus Flower.  The Lotus Flower represents new beginnings.  We love to remember that new beginnings are just around the corner and we can make them happen with just a little work.  Yoga is such a perfect work for creating change and new beginnings emerge from this change.  Watch what happens when regular practice sits within the body.  Change, strength, flexibility and a whole lot of love.

This is a beautiful block.  Light as air and it has rounded edges.  We like the practice of yoga to work with us.  We dont need hard edges poking into our practice and more importantly our body.

A beautiful block for a beautiful practice to create a beautiful life.


22.5cm x 15cm x 7cm

Created from recycled materials

Embossed with our Divine Goddess Lotus Flower

Bevilled edges that are gentle on your body

our Blocks have an excellent density and retail their shape

Eco friendly

Our Lotus Flower reminds us that new beginnings are within us all


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