Block - Blue Rainbow Lotus


We love to use blocks in our yoga practice. 

Our Yoga Blocks are created from recycled plastics which is a small but perfect way to help our planet.

We feel they are a yogis best friend.  They help us to achieve postures that otherwise may not be possible due to our bodies not being ready to achieve the alignment. 

With a yoga block in place it is possible to achieve the correct alignment and the freedom and flexibility that accompanies that posture.

The Lotus Flower reminds us that new beginnings are just around the corner.  All of us can create new beginnings if we just give it the correct amount of work and concentration.

Available now for your home practice and so light they are a breeze to take to class.

22.5cm x 15cm x 7cm

Created from recycled materials

Embossed with our Divine Goddess Lotus Flower

Bevilled edges that are gentle on your body

our Blocks have an excellent density and retail their shape

Eco friendly

Our hand drawn Lotus Flower reminds us that new beginnings are within us all


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