Carnelian Canopy Bracelet bg88-b


We are so pleased to offer this stunning bracelet to you! It symbolises deep grounding, faith, stability, vitality and protection!

The stunning carnelian gemstones are such a beautiful tone you can liken it to the colour of the setting sun. It's brilliance is captivating. It's energy resonating. This stone is known for its ability to provide stability to our lives, it gives us motivation, endurance and a renewed vitality for life. Throughout history the carnelian stone is said to have both inspired and protected us.

Nestled amongst these faceted stones is the mystical Tree of Life which is well known throughout many cultures, dating back through ancient times. It is essentially a symbol of deep grounding and faith. The roots of this tree dig deep into the soul of the earth and the branches reach towards the sun, the leaves creating a canopy of protection.

We trust that you will love this stunning Carnelian Canopy Bracelet. It is ready for you, don't miss out! It will look amazing worn on its own or layered with other beautiful Satya Bracelets.

The pendent is brass with 24ct gold plating, it is very detailed and has been made entirely by hand. Please take care not to wear in the shower or swimming to ensure that the fine quality of this bracelet.

With love xxx


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