Angelite Canopy Bracelet bg88-86b


The Angelite Canopy Bracelet is angelic in both it's nature and in it's appearance. You are sure to love this as much as we do!

Angelite is a stone of truth and compassion that has the ability to bring us a sense of calm and inner peace. It connects us to our higher truth and we believe that this is sure to resonate with you. The light blue faceted stones shimmer with an angelic light.

The presence of the Tree of Life in this bracelet symbolises a deep grounding faith. It's roots are deep within the soul of the earth, providing a strong foundation for us to receive the nourishment that we need on all levels spiritual, emotional and physical. It provides us with the breathe of life, it is life giving. 

The pendant is 24ct gold plated over brass and has been hand made with such beautiful detail. Please love and care for your bracelet and it is sure to serve you well. No swimming or showering with it on.

The ladies of Satya Jewellery design such beautiful pieces in their collection and they donate to various children's charities throughout the world - we love that we too can support these charities by offering this collection to you.

With gratitude for all that grounds us, guides us to our truth and for the compassion that we give and receive xxx


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