Pearl Tranquility Bracelet bg86-27b


This is an eternal piece of jewellery created by the stunning Satya ladies for us to wear alone or layered with the other divine pieces on offer...either way it is sure to please!

The gold freshwater pearls have an iridescent shine and just as the nature of water is tranquil, so is the serene nature of these pearls. They offer us the innocence and purity of a young girl and the beauty and foresight of a grown woman.

Nestled within these golden pearls is the sacred lotus symbol, which is the personification of all that is infinite and beautiful within. This timeless lotus offers us new beginnings, transformation and growth which is a true gift. 

The pendant is plated with 24 ct Gold over brass, which is true and lasting. Please do care for this beautiful bracelet with love and respect, we ask that you do not wear whilst swimming or in the shower to ensure the pearls shine and the gold plating to remain. With love you will have a lasting piece of jewellery.

The Tranquility bracelet is ready to share it's timeless innocence and new beginnings with you each new day. 

Namaste xxx


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