Ohm is the symbol that represents the vibration that we create when a make this sound. All of us can make this sound so it can work within all of us when we do so. It is the vibration we make that heals from the inside out. Working its way towards the light and taking all of the darkness away and out of the body as it does so.

Ohm is the all powerful sound. It is the first sound to have been created and will be the last sound as we leave this earth.

We adore the vibration that we ourselves make and we love sharing this certainty and knowledge with everyone around us.

Combine this with the Rudraksha Seed and you have a beautiful and very powerful combination. Rudraksha Seeds are grown on sacred trees in most parts of South East Asia. They are grown inside a blue fruit and once they are dried they have the hole formed by themselves. Perfect for a bracelet with sacred intensity.

The Rudraksha Seeds grow and enhance compassion and understanding and we adore that.

The Ohm symbol is thickly coated in 24ct Gold and if you dont swim in this bracelet or wear it in the shower the Gold will last very well. This bracelet is strung on high quality stretch material so it is very simple to take on and off and enjoy


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