Rose Triple B6.5-5


This stunning and very protective bracelet is made from the seeds of the sacred Rudraksha tree found in India and many parts of Asia. These seeds are thought to be the tears cried by the God Shiva upon creating the universe. They imbue the wearer with increased positivity and allow courage and compassion to take a stronger hold.

Heart strings will open.  Changes will begin to occur.  We love the sensation of wearing these braclets and we know you will also enjoy the positive vibration created by working with Sacred Rudraksha and stunning Rose Quartz.

Strung on a very strong stretch they are easy and comfortable to fit most sizes. 3 rose quartz crystals are interspersed throughout the bracelet. These are the stones of love, very sweet. Rose Quartz helps to heal emotional wounds and to help with hurting hearts when the need is there.  This stone also is very beneficial to the circulatory system and will help you to deal with anxiety.

Sandalwood oil works well to nourish and protect the Rudraksha beads and they may turn a darker colour once they mix with the oils of your body. Simple yet stunning, these bracelets are a lifetime of joy.


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