B-Yatra 13 Chalcedony


We are thrilled to share with you the most lovely Rudraksha Bracelet from our friends at Aum Rudraksha in Bali. These beauties are created by hand with love and light.

Chalcedony is the Semi Precious Gemstone we have used in combination with the sacred healing properties of the Rudraksha Seed.

Chalcedony is the light blue stone that flows like water.  Chalcedony is thought to heal your eyes and gallbladder..  It cleans the blood and the circulatory system.  It is very nice to wear whilst sleeping..  It assists with night vision and dispels fear of darkness.  It is also thought to be a very powerful emotional cleaner and to lessen the affects of dementia and senility.

Our golden beads are 24ct Gold over sterling silver and are just lovely.

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