Love Me B-M 482 How-Turq


This stunning Rudraksha Bracelet shares the lime light with the semi precious gemstones of Turquoise and Howlite.

These are very similar gemstones and love to combine their energies and protect you as much as they can.

Turquoise is the blue stone that protects you on a journey or adventure.  It helps you to create more love in your life and to dispel any feelings of hatred you may have.

Howlite is the white/grey stone and is thought by many to be the cousin of Turquoise. This calming stone will help you to find clarify when your thoughts are racing and you are finding it tricky to find and stick with just the most important ones.

Strung by hand with love and light on the Island of the Gods, Bali.  We love it and know you will too


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