B-M443 Fluorite


We love the Rudrani Seed and its magical healing properties for women.  This seed is a smaller cousin of the Rudraksha Seed and is truly divine.

Fluorite is the sweet green coloured stone.  It is known to alleviate pain when it is place directly on the skin.  It is also helpful in blocking ailments as well as assisting respiratory issues and skin disease.

Turquoise is the stunning green stone that increases your capacity to create love and destroys hatred.  It protects you on a journey or adventure.

Peridot is the stone of relationships and takes care of you in any relationship you may have, even with yourself.

Aqua marine is the light blue stone that is helpful in elimating fluid retention by strengthening the kidneys, liver, spleen and thyroid.

All of these stunning stones combine with 24Ct Gold Plated beads to create a stunning piece of spiritual jewellery.

Strung on a high quality stretch material to make it possible to fit all sizes of yogis


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