We adore Amythyst and know that it is a wonderful and very powerful healing stone. Amythyst is the purple stone and in this bracelet we offer you two shades of beauty. Dark purple and the lighter shade of purple. This is unusual and very beautiful. The darker shades of the Amythyst are more rare and we love to bring them to you when we can find them. Amythyst helps us to enhance our immune system and is a very good blood purifier. We love working with the stones and creating a healing platform for us and for you to find and enjoy. Amythyst is also a good stone to wear when you would like to work on the stomach and liver.

The Rudraksha Seeds we bring to this bracelet are grown on sacred trees around South East Asia. They are known as the 'Tears of Shiva' as it is thought that when Shiva, the God, danced and created the universe he cried tears of compassion for the human beings on earth. When these tears landed on the earth they crystallised into seeds when then grew into the trees that grow these wonderful seeds.

The seeds grow inside a beautiful blue fruit and they form the holes in the centre themselves. Divine work in action.

This is truly a beautiful bracelet. We have chosen to use 24 ct Gold beads on either side of the Amythyst. We know that Gold purifies the energy of the body. It assists us in rehabilitation of the body. Heartfelt, healing abundance, who could ask for more



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