B-365 Turquoise


Turquoise is the stone we have chosen to use in this bracelet.  It is a very beautiful stone but not only that, it has many spiritual and physical attributes that we adore.

Turquoise protects the wearer on an adventure or journey.  There are many travelling yogis and we know that some protection along the path of love and light is well received.  Turquoise also strengthens the whole body and can promote absorbtion of nutrients and tissue regeneration.  Also circulation of the body and its body parts, lymphy systems can be increased by the wearing of Turquoise.  This is a stone that can protect us from harmful environmental pollutants and poisons.  This is a good stone for strengthening the lungs.

The Rudrani Seeds we use on this bracelet are divine, small and luscious.  They are grown on a sacred tree and form within the confines of a blue fruit.  Once they are dried they are ready for use!  The holes in the centre form by themselves and we love that.  What magical and spiritual goodness the earth and the planet present us with if we give them the chance.  These seeds are particularly good for women and provide a greater sense of protection when worn close to the body.  Our bracelets are perfect for that.

This is a lovely and special bracelet and we know you will love it as we do once it comes your way


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