Rose Quartz Rudrani B-365


The small seeds used in this bracelet are called Rudrani Seeds. They are the smaller cousin of the Rudraksha Seed. These seeds are very rare as they form naturally inside a fruit. Due to the size of these seeds it is tricky to find evenly shaped seeds and ones with perfect holes down the centre. These seeds form the holes naturally and this is amazing! The Rudrani Seed helps us to cultivate compassion and understanding. We love to wear them as often as we can.

Rose Quartz is the light pink stone that works on our heart centre. This stone can help us to grow our creative leanings and to walk with us when we are healing from an emotional heart break. The light pink colour is so pretty, we adore it. This is also a stone that helps us to let go of anxiety, leaving it far behind in the shadows.

When worn together, the Rudrani Seed and the Rose Quartz combine to produce a wonderful and extremely healing combination. Work with compassion, love and understanding and share these gifts with all of those around you.

This bracelet is strung on high quality stretch material so you can fit it over your wrist easily and it will remain there for as long as you would like it to.


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