Lava Rudrani


The bracelet is strung on stretch material that allows you to slip the bracelet over the wrist and wear with happines and joy. Lava comes from the volcano. It is created deep within the earth and fused at high heat. This makes it possible for Lava to draw out the toxins in the body and to release with ease. It is a stone of strength and fertility. Used for centuries by American Indiansf or work within the body. This stone gives the wearer stability, both physical and mental when facing difficult situations and we can all do with that. This is a very grounding stone.

The Rudrani Seeds we use on this bracelet are a nuturing and healing stone. They are great for women in protecting and giving strength. These stones are more rare as they are smaller and more difficult for us to find due to their size. They grow within a blue fruit and when dried, as we offer them, they create the hole in the centre themselves. We love to wear this seed and acknowledge how wonderful they really are.

This bracelet is a very sweet one and we feel sure that you will love them as we do once they arrive to you.

Wear with joy and abundance and it will feedback immediately



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