B-365 Carnelian


We have chosen to use the Rudrani Seed for this bracelet.  It is the cousin of the Rudraksha Seed and a more rare variety.  This rareness stems from the size and abundance of the Rudrani Seed.  Due to the size of this Seed it is more difficult to find perfectly round seeds and ones with holes in the centre that work for our jewellery.  We search the planet for the best quality Rudrani Seeds and feel sure you will love them as much as we do.

These Seeds are very good for women and provide protection for them in all shapes and sizes, the ladies that is.  They create light around the heart and within.

The Carnelian Stones that we use for this bracelet signify happiness and positivity.  Carnelian helps us to create for ourselves feelings of calm and balance.  It helps us to work well with decision making and to focus our minds when we need to.  Carnelan can also reduce feelings of loneliness and depression.  It can help us to move toward the light.  The spleen, pancreas and gall bladder all benefit from the wearing of Carnelian.

The combination of the Carnelian and the Rudrani Seeds are a delight for the wearer.  We love to wear this combination and welcome the chance to do so.


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