Chakra Jaiho Rudrani B-365 Cakra Jaiho


The stones that are used are Garnet.  The Garnet stones on this braclet have been hand faceted for increased positivity and reflexion.  Divine.

Amythyst is another healing stone.  It helps us to create strength and inspiration within us.  This stone can also heighten spiritual awareness.

Aqua Marine is a stone that can help with the flow of life.  It can help us to grow optimism and the ability to express ourselves properly and positively.  This is a very calming stone and is also healing to the throat and eyes.

Green Agate is also used in this bracelet.  This cleans the aura and helps us to harmonise the body, mind and spirit.  We love that it can increase our spiritual awareness and analytical capabilities.  This in turn, helps us to think more clearly.  An inspiriation from spiritual worlds is also increased by the wearer when using this stone.

Carnelian is the stone of happiness and joy.  It brings about emotional balance and helps us with decision making.  Carnelian also lessens the feelings of depression and loneliness.  Carnelian supports the function of the spleen and the pancreas, kidneys and gall bladder.

Clear Quartz is the stone that helps us to access feelings we are already feeling.  For example, if we are feeling sad and would rather not acknowledge this it can help us to access these feelings and then in turn let them go.  Same with joy, frustration and excitement.

When worn together this bracelet and the stones within will increase the feelings of alignment and calm within us.  The Chakra Points hold great energy and having them open and awakened can be a benefit to all of us.


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