Amethyst Rudrani


The Rudrani Seed is the cousin of the Rudraksha Seed. It is smaller in size and more rare. These Seeds make the hole in the centre themselves so it requires the most perfectly shaped Rudrani Seed to be able to be well aligned to join our family. The Rudrani Seeds are very protective for women. They awaken the light within ladies and we love that they are protective for the female on this planet.

Amythyst is the purple stone that comes in many shades of purple. The darker the shade of purple the more rare the stone. We have found the deepest, darkest shades of purple Amythyst and hand faceted the stones ourselves. This takes time and patience but the results are worth it. Delightful and majestic stones at your finger tips.

Amythyst helps us to create stability and strength and also a true sense of peace. We know that it is a good blood purifier and is also good for the stomach and liver. The Amythyst stone can also strengthen spiritual awareness and when on the path of yoga this is a blessing. When your immune system is down the Amythyst stone is an excellent support.

This bracelet is strung on high quality stretch material that can handle the test of time. We have been wearing ours for a long time now and we LOVE the feeling created by these wonderful pieces of love made wearable.

Now is the time for your own piece xxx


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