Moss Agate B-364


Rudrani Seeds are the cousins of the Rudraksh Seed.  They are slightly smaller in size and we choose the most beautiful ones for you.  They are known to be highly protective for women and we adore that.

The Semi Precious Gemstone Moss Agate is a darkly green and very rich Gemstone.  This bracelet has different shades of the green which makes it truly divine.  Moss Agate is a stone that helps us to cleanse our aura.  Bringing peace and tranquility, this bracelet is luscious and elegant.

The 24ct Gold Beads that sit aside the main stone are created by hand and the 24ct Gold Plating sits atop Sterling Silver.  

We have strung this beloved bracelet on a high quality stretch fabric that makes it possible to fit all sizes of yogis.

A beloved and joyous piece of yogic spritual jewellery.


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