Pearl Gold Bliss B-364 Pearl


The sweetness of the Pearl and the combination with the Rudrani create a very beautiful braclelet for you.  We adore the simplicity and the light that is evident in this wonderful bracelet.

The Rudrani Seed is the smaller version of the Rudraksha Seed.  This seed is smaller than the other but oh so beautiful.  It is more difficult to find these seeds in a perfect round shape so they are more rare which is lovely.

The Golden beads sitting either side of the main Pearl are created from 24 ct Gold over sterling silver.  Gold is wonderful in that it purifies and provides energy for the physical body.    It can assist with rehabilitation of the body when necessary.  Gold has been known to strengthen the nervous system which we can all use to our benefit and can also balance the heart chakra.

Pearls are the stone of purity.  Their colour and lustre clearly show that this is the way.   They also symbolise sincerity and have been known to awaken fertility and to assist with women in creating babies.  We love Pearls and welcome their light into our lives.  They are also worn by many women around the world to ease the labours of childbirth.  They can increate physical vitality and awaken the sheen and the lustre of our complexion.  Cannot argue with that.

We have chosen to use a high strength stretch fabric for this bracelet and love the fact it can easily be slipped on and off.

Pearls, Gold and Rudrani, what a blessed combination x


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