Onyx Gold Rudrani


How we love Rudraksha jewellery and this bracelet is no exception. The Rudrani seed is a smaller seed than the Rudraksha Seed. This makes it more rare and more difficult to find in its rounded source. The seeds create the hole in the centre themselves so it is possible for these seeds to be less rounded more easily. We search for the most perfect and loved Rudrani seeds we can find. We bring to our malas and bracelets the highest quality semi precious stones and seeds that we source around the world.

Onyx is the beautiful and shiny black stone. It is often recommended during times of pain and sorrow. Aleviating a heavy heart is helpful when required. We know that Onyx also helps us to balance the male and femail polarity within us, thank you. This stone is known to strengthen bones and also to help us with balancing hormones. We think it helps us to make intelligent decisions and to create some objectivity within us.

We love the golden bead that sits aside the middle Onyx stone. We have used 24ct Gold over sterling silver and if you treat this piece well the stone covering will last for a good period of time.

The stretch that we string our bracelets on is of the highest quality and we know you will love this piece as much as we do once it arrives.

Ohm Shanti xxx


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