We have used all the semi precious stones that work to open and align the Chakra Points within the body. These stones are as follows:

Garnet is the stone of vitality and this semi precious stone promotes the creation of vigor and vitality. This is a stone that can help us to calm feelings of anger that may arise and to also help us to increase will power. This is an excellent stone in promoting circulation within the body. This is the dark red stone.

The Amythyst is the beautiful purple stone. We love Amythyst and all of its abundant healing benefits. This stones helps us to find strength and inspiration. It can help us to acquire a sense of purple and peace which we love. The darkness of the Amythyst stones we use are rare and we love that. It is more difficult to obtain the darker shades of purple in Amythyst than it is to find the light ones.

Citrine is the stone of abundance and radiance. How we love the energy created by this wonderful stone. Light orange in colour and luscious in nature. Citrine has been known to help to purify other crystals and stones around it and is why we use this stone in our Chakra Collection. This is a great stone for the kidneys, the liver and our muscles.

Clear Quartz is the stone that helps us to access feelings we are already feeling. So if you are feeling sad Clear Quartz will help you feel this emotion and let it go. The same can be said for all of our other emotions like anger, jealousy and fear. If you are uncertain as how to access these sensations then wear Clear Quartz.

Agate is the Green stone on this bracelet. Agate helps us to cleanse our auras and aids in harmonizing the body which is lovely. We wear this Green Agate in conjunction with all the others and they combine to bring sweetness and light into our lives.

The Rudraksha Seeds we use in this bracelet are a Sacred Seed. They are grown on trees in South East Asia and helps us to attain compassion, patience and understanding. They are cooling to the body and help us to absorb nutrients and do indeed protect us from harmful environmental pollutants.

Wear this Chakra Rudraksha Bracelet well and feel the energy centre align.

LOVE xxx


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