Green Agate Rudrani B-249


Agate is a stone that comes in a variety of colours.  We have used the Green variety in this bracelet and the lustre is perfect!

Agate is the stone that helps us to cleanse the aura of our body and soul.  It works with us to increase the possibilities of harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.  We welcome this assitance in all aspects of our lives.  The Green Agate in this bracelet help us to increase our capacity for analytical capabilities and possibilities.  It also helps us to think clearly on the task at hand.  This in turn also assists us in gaining inspiration from spiritual worlds and all of us love that.

The Rudrani Seeds we have chosen to combine with the Green Agate are a delight to the senses.  They are small and sweet and perfectly positive.  These Seeds grow on a sacred tree and are formed within a blue fruit.  Once we dry them we have the Rudrani Seed as we know it now.  These precious little seeds form their holes themselves and without help from us humans, how lovely.

The Rudrani Seeds are very protective for the ladies and help us to find protection for ourselves and our associates and friends around us.  We love that they are natural Seeds and over time they darken as they mix with the oils on our bodies.  This is lovely and gives a sense of ownership to the bracelet that deepens with time and wear.

Love this one and it will love you back xx


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