The Rudraksha seed grows on the sacred Rudraksha tree. These beads are known as "the eyes of Shiva". It is thought, in Hindu mythology that the god Shiva, meditated on the welfare of mankind,crying tears of compassion, bliss and rapture. The tears of Shiva are believed to have landed on the earth, forming these trees.

These beads contain carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. They are believed to cool the skin and to strengthen the heart. An increase in memory and general awareness accompany the wearing of these beads against the skin.

Pearls symbolise purity. They enhace personal integrity and help to focus ones attention. They stimulate the mind and provide clarity and wisdom.

Quartz crystal increases spiritual wisdom. It is useful to heal emotional wounds. Increases intuition and amplifies prayers. Good to treating headaches, dizziness and general pain relief.

The gold beads on this bracelet are 22ct over sterling silver. Gold helps with the rehabilitation of the body. It strengthens the nervous system.

A beautiful piece of adornment.


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