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3/4 Length Yoga Pants

Animal Leggings 3/4 Length

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These are our newest collection from Divine Goddess!! The Animal Collection has arrived in natural fibres and the feeling is good!

We love these rayon lycra Animal print Leggings in 3/4 length x


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We love our yoga leggings and we also love to look good!  The Divine Goddess Animal Collection has arrived and makes us move and smile!  These are manufactured with love and care from natural fibre Rayon Lycra.  This fabric we weave by hand for each and every pair that joins our family.  We then hand dye them and then hand print the fabric with our signature prints and designs!

These Leggings have our diamond crotch so that movement is easy and accessible and our goddesses dont need to worry about anything other than practicing their beloved craft of yoga!  Room to move and shine and the rest is flowing.

These leggings are offered to you in 3 different colour combinations, burgundy/purple, grey/black and black/black.  This is striking and such a wonderful look in your class and beyond.  We worked hard to find the best animal print we could and we also experimented until we found the exact colour combinations which are so beautiful.  Look at the wonderful variations we can offer you today x

We also love to wear them with our Divine Hoody and other long sleeve tops available on our beloved website.

You are welcome to wash these leggings in the machine but we do not recommend machine drying.  This simply shortens the life of the garment and none of us want that.

We have placed a golden lotus flower on the bottom of these pants.  Combined with the animal nature, these are divine and delicious.

Please enjoy these Divine Goddess Animal Collection leggings and wear them with the love and peace of mind we intented them to be worn!

LOVE  xxxx

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