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Divine Goddess Candles

Abundance Small Travel Tin Soy Candle

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Bring in the beauty of abundance with this divine candle.  These small travel tins from Divine Goddess make travelling a joy and a scent filled adventure possibility.  Soy wax scented with essential oils.  We took time and patience to test and concoct this delightful scent.  Manufactured by hand in the hills of Byron Bay.  These candles are 100% hand created.

Soy wax is a natural alternative to machine made candles.  Lavender calms the spirit and has a stress relieving ability.   Lavender can be used to aleviate anxiety and be used to treate stomach ache and insomnia.  Peppermint is a very uplifting oil.    This oil is known as an energizer and can awaken tired and sore muscles.  Peppermint can also help wth stomach problems and in the relief of nausea. 

Our small travel tins will burn for 18 hours burning, full of love.  Simply replace the lid and trim the wick each time after use and your candle will love you back.

Loving, calm, respectful

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