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Half Moon Meditation Cushion Red

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We are so pleased to be finally able to bring to you, our beloved customers our Half Moon Meditation Cushions.  Beginning a new range of Divine Goddess Meditation Cushions and Bolsters.

This Meditation Cushion is manufactured from 100% cotton and hand dyed for original colour and love!

We have used 100% cotton stuffing so these cushions are environmentally friendly and natural!

Our stuffing is of the highest standard so they will not compact down quickly at all.  Perfect for sitting in lotus, padmasana position and slowly but surely opening the hips.

Red is the colour of the heart and the love vibration.  We adore this cushion and are sure you will too!

We have added our signature lotus flower in the corner to bring in an awareness of new beginnings.  We rise to the light, same as the Lotus Flower.  Working on ourselves is just the type of magic we love to use at Divine Goddess.

This Meditation Cushion is perfect for sending to yourself as another Divine Goddess present or just as perfect for sending to another beloved yogi!!

Go well in your yoga and the world breathes a sigh of relief


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