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Children And Yoga

  • Simply Kids Yoga

    Simply Kids Yoga has taught Yoga to thousands and thousands of children in child care centres, preschools, primary and high schools and even at birthday parties around Sydney since 2004.

  • Yoga Mites

    ogamites classes are fun and engaging. The tools learnt in classes transfer to everyday life. Before long you will see the children "playing" yoga during the day.

  • Baby Names

    Welcome to the MyBaby baby names site, a site dedicated to parents searching for that special name for their coming child. Here you can search for names by starting letter, gender, origin.

  • A Course in Miracles

    Craig Villarrubia is both a teacher and student in the teaching and messages contained in the Course of Miracles, he is available to help you on your spiritual path.

  • blissfolds ltd. yoga for children and families

    Yoga fun for ages 2-92. The principals of yoga are embedded in beautiful hatha yoga postures, yoga games and partner/group poses. The classes build esteem, self control and awareness, fostering calm energy.

  • Gyan Hot Yoga

    Gyan Yoga is a series of poses practiced in heated room to increase range of motion in the joints and strengthen the body. Standing, seated and lying-down poses are practiced, giving balanced cardiovascular practice. It improves your respiratory system with ancient breathing techniques. Gyan Hot Yoga is practiced in heated room. Gyan Hot Yoga is a unique Hot Yoga in Toronto.

  • Massage and Baby Yoga

    As a mum myself I attended a baby massage course with my little baby boy when he was 15 weeks. I found the results and response from him amazing. He loved being massaged and I found his sleep patterns settled very quickly as he started sleeping through the night. We worked the massage into our daily routine and it helped settle his colic and constipation - which was such a relief after having tried all sorts of other solutions!

  • Body Logique

    We work with educators and professionals who want to learn whole-child techniques to assist children with sensory, social and learning challenges to succeed to their highest potential.

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