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Yoga Practises In Melbourne

Finding the right type of yoga in your Melbourne location

If you're looking for opportunities to practise yoga in Melbourne you'll find classes in many different styles. Yoga classes are run not just in the central business district and inner suburbs of the city, but along in Bayside and in outer suburbs too.

Most Melbourne yoga studios offer classes in a single style but many run classes in two or three different styles. There are numerous classes in Hatha and Iyengar styles which are the most popular types of yoga practiced in Melbourne. There are also several studios offering classes in Kundalini yoga, as well as a few where Bikram or Ashtanga are taught.

How to choose the right type of Yoga

Most yoga studios offer some classes designed for people who have not tried yoga before. A beginners class can be a great way to get a gentle introduction to the basics of yoga and build up confidence.  Having mastered the principles of yoga, you will be able to survey the different styles available and decide which is most suitable for you.

Some Melbourne yoga studios offer corporate yoga classes where they bring yoga to the workplace.  Corporate yoga is popular with both employers and employees, providing benefits by motivating and energising staff as well as helping them to improve their physical and mental health.

What can assist in my yoga practice?

For those starting out, you may want to invest in some comfortable yoga clothing, and your own yoga mat. Yoga eye pillows, mat bags and even inspirational yoga jewellery are optional extras you'll find available!

If you already practise yoga and would like your children to learn more about this ancient art, some Melbourne yoga classes cater for young people, with classes designed for those of either primary school or secondary school age. There are plenty of children practising yoga so you should have no trouble finding children's yoga clothing or a class near you.

Speaking of children, quite a few Melbourne studios offer prenatal yoga classes. These classes cater especially for the needs of pregnant women: in addition to exercises and postures that are adapted from the yoga classics there is an emphasis on relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques in preparation for the demands of labour, childbirth and motherhood.

Where to find Melbourne’s best yoga classes

To find details of yoga classes in Melbourne, try online searches to produce lists of yoga classes; and keep an eye on local newspapers and the noticeboards at libraries and community centres which often advertise yoga classes in the neighbourhood.

It's important to find a yoga instructor who is well qualified and experienced that you can be confident will oversee your class capably and safely. Some yoga studios prefer not to heat workrooms, and if this is the case at the studio you've chosen, be sure that your yoga clothing includes a long sleeved top for your classes during Melbourne's chilly winter.

For quality Yoga clothing look no further than Divine Goddess, we have a huge range of yoga wear suitable for the varying climate of Melbourne. Whether you are new to yoga and wondering where to start or an experienced yoga practitioner who's new to Melbourne and wondering what's available in this great city, you're sure to be able to find a yoga class that's just right for you!

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