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Yoga Clothing Fabrics Used By Divine Goddess

I'm a yoga enthusiast first, a yoga product and clothing designer/manufacturer second. I wouldn't make anything that I thought was a lesser product than what was already available on the market. When choosing fabrics and design for my range, I had my own requirements in the forefront of my mind. Prior to launching my own range, I had always sought yoga wear that was durable, well made and sturdy, comfortable with plenty of stretch. And... it had to look good of course, be flattering to any figure.

WIth all this in mind, i chose the fabrics Rayon Lycra and Supplex for my latest range, these fabrics described in detail below.

This fabric is extremely soft to the touch and so comfortable to wear. It has very good stretch and will allow big ranges of movement. This fabric is machine washable and also very durable. If you are hanging this clothing on the washing line inside out is preferable. The colours are solid and will not run at all.

All clothing made from this fabric Rayon Lycra will handle a very strong yoga practice but also look comfortable and presentable for casual wear. Many of our customers wear their Divine Goddess Rayon Lycra Women’s Tops as casual and fashion items.

The colours of the fabrics are very striking and the prints stand out well and are all very beautiful. Rayon Lycra has a large amount of stretch and the sizes will stand for a strong yoga practice.

This fabric is the modern fabric that is taking the exercise world by storm. This innovative fabric wicks perspiration away from the body, allowing the wearer to feel cool and comfortable during even the strongest of yoga practices. It will not pill or make knees. Machine washable and durable this fabric allows the clothing to stand the test of time and most of our clothing items manufactured from this fabric will last for many years.

Supplex has a reasonable amount of stretch and will allow the wearer to complete a very strong yoga practice feeling fresh and supported. This fabric has the feel of cotton but the strength of an industrial fabric.

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