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Perth Yoga Activities

Your guide of where to get the best yoga clothing and class opportunities

Are you considering taking up yoga in Perth? The ancient practice of yoga often appeals to those of us who are dissatisfied with our lives and are looking for a way to make positive changes. Yoga can help couch potatoes to build healthy, flexible bodies; aid people with frazzled nerves to relax; and help us to gain better understanding of the meaning of life.

Even if you’re already quite fit, relaxed and aware and feel fulfilled in life, yoga can help to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health. It’s not surprising that in Perth yoga studios abound, given the relaxed lifestyle, and it’s easy to learn and practice yoga here.

What yoga class is best for me?

With yoga classes at studios in Perth central business district and many surrounding suburbs you should have no difficulty in finding a class at a venue that’s convenient for you. The most popular types of yoga practised in Perth are Hatha and Ashtanga, and you will also find classes teaching Vinyasa yoga.

If you’re new to yoga you might want to start with a class tailored for beginners, although sometimes people starting yoga take Hatha yoga classes. This style of yoga is relatively gentle and undemanding so it doesn’t shock the system of someone who is inflexible or overweight. Another advantage of Hatha yoga comes from providing a good foundation of basic yoga principles and developing confidence, so people often use Hatha as a stepping stone to a more demanding and challenging style of yoga.

A vast range of yoga types available across Perth

If you’re an employer who wants to bring something special to the workplace, Corporate Yoga programs are available in Perth. These are very popular amongst workplaces as they give employees and employers alike the change to relax, reload and improve workplace relations.

Another type of yoga that is popular in Perth is prenatal yoga. Classic yoga movements and poses are adapted to suit the needs of pregnant women and prenatal classes are very supportive and nurturing places to prepare for labour and childbirth.

It’s important that the yoga class you choose suits your individual needs, so take some time to check out the studio and instructor. You need a studio that is conveniently located, has good facilities such as showers, and runs uncrowded classes at times that suit your schedule. Make enquiries about the experience and qualifications of your instructor and if possible have a meeting to be sure that you can relate and communicate well on a personal level.

Get the clothes, mats and other accessories you need for your Yoga practice online

When it comes to the best quality yoga products look no further than Divine Goddess. Our huge range of tops, pants, mats and other gear is available for fast freight to anywhere across Perth.

To make your first yoga class a less daunting experience it’s a good idea to find out about what type of yoga clothing is recommended and whether you should bring your own yoga mat or hire one from the studio. Ask questions about anything that concerns you.

Once you’ve found a yoga class in Perth that’s just right for you, you’re about to embark on an adventure which can be a rewarding and life changing journey. Enjoy!

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